August Gallery Exhibit: Kristin Hermanson, and Susan Remington

Thursday, Aug 30, 2018 from 10:00am to 5:00pm


Artists: Kristin Hermanson, paint and Susan Remington, paint

Kristin Hermanson Art Statement:

“Water is primal. Lakes, rivers, and oceans provide fluid colors, sunlit or clouded, at daybreak or twilight, swirling, surging or still, yet contained by an old wall or a living shoreline. Water joins together color and movement to evoke any state of nature, any state of mind.

I find that light on water always triggers a primal interest, such that just one look promptly brings one into a state of balance and presence. I use a direct painting method in oils. I sometimes use acrylics for hard edges and underpainting. I also use classical methods including transparencies to capture the depth and movement of water.
At the same time I like working on the edges of abstraction.”

Susan Remington Art Statement:

“Overall, my work is about people with hopes, dreams, fears, relationships and personal histories yet to be told. Everyone has many stories that are lost with their passing. For me, the portraits suggest some of what is hidden. I like to draw faces and begin with a 5-30 minute sketch of a live model, focusing mainly on the face. Back in my studio, I then deepen the expression, draw the body, clothing and background, add color, and a character emerges. I am often drawn to use intense colors. Even when using charcoal, I sometimes have a visceral feeling that a color is demanding to come in. I’m not attached to any particular medium but use whatever material has
the color or texture the piece needs. My drawings and paintings often take on a life of their own. What originates as an expression subconsciously begins to suggest a narrative or story to me and from there I follow cues as they emerge. People looking at my art often comment that the gaze, expression or gesture of my subjects creates a psychological presence and mood. I then feel that I’ve captured what I set out to discover.”