Awaken Haunted House Attraction

Friday, Oct 7, 2022 from 7:00pm to 11:00pm
Awaken Haunted Attraction
4760 Churchill Rd,

Awaken Haunted House, over 32,000 sqft in Leslie, Michigan, Indoor waiting, 4 attractions, one low price!

Awaken Haunt is headed into it's 7th season in 2022! Awaken has even more in store for you this year. With over 32,000 sq ft of terror inside and outside, you're sure to find yourself begging for more or maybe begging to leave, ether way... bring a friend, you'll need one.



Awaken is our original haunted house. In 2016 Awaken Haunt was born, it was the only attraction on the grounds, but held its own with movie like quality sets, great scares and amazing actors. Today Awaken haunt is just the intro to 3 other attractions that all link together. You will enter Awaken, then head through "Terror-Phobia 3D maze" then back into Awaken, to then head outside to "The Forgotten" a strobed out pallet maze with the forgotten ones chasing you among the voices. From there you will continue outdoors to "Tenebrous" an abandoned village of old boat houses, tunnels, shacks, graveyards and more. If you make it out, then you re-enter "The Forgotten" for a stroll up to the entrance of "Awaken" the remainder of your time.. This experience includes 4 attractions for one price... oh, and bring a friend, you'll need one.


In 2017 Awaken brought you an experience that was so mesmerizing, that we still have it as one of our four linked attractions today. Painted by world renowned artist Stuart Smith, this attraction will take your mind into a realm of 3D terror which you must see. You enter Terror-phobia when exiting Awaken Haunt's hotel basement... time to put on your 3D glasses which we provided you at the beginning. The visual images of creepy clowns and eyes watching you jump off the walls, taking you down twists and turns until you reach a 20' long 3D vortex tunnel. When you exit the attraction, you are back in Awaken Haunt headed to your next scare... bring a friend, you'll need one.

The Forgotten:

The Forgotten is a large outdoor, but partially covered pallet maze filled with strobe lights, voices, fire and a chainsaw or two. You enter the maze from Awaken and venture from indoors to outdoors. This is where the fun begins. Guide your way though with the hopes to avoid the people of the Forgotten. They know all the secret passagways, and can hide among the whispers. If you are lucky enough to leave The Forgotten, then you will be unlucky in that you now will be entering Tenebrous, our lost town that continues your outdoor experience... bring a friend, you'll need one.


Awaken your fears outdoors. Tenebrous will do just that. The vast area you will need to cover to escape, not only will take your breath away, but leave you vulnerable to the creatures and demonic humans that live there. You will encounter uninhabital buildings, cemeteries, tunnels and more. If you make it out in one piece, you will then make your way back into Awaken haunt to finish your awesome haunt experience.

Side Attractions:

5 Min Escape Room:

Will you survive 5 minutes with the Doctor? See if you and your friends can escape Dr. Cyclops's evil lab. Many have tried, but only few have survived. Good luck and bring a friend, you'll need one.

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