Creating and Keeping a Garden Journal

Tuesday, Apr 21, 2020 at 6:00pm

1517 Bayliss Street

Joining Forces - Education for Community Gardeners & Gardeners in the Community!

Join us for presentations followed by an open forum for discussion and tips from master gardeners and others in the community. These gatherings grew out of the collaborative efforts of the Midland County Master Gardener Association, Creative 360, the City of Midland Horticulture Department, and Evergreen Garden Club. Please preregister.

3rd Tuesdays / 6:00 ? 7:30 pm / FREE!

Apr. 21 - Creating and Keeping a Garden Journal - We all keep notes; on scrap paper, in notebooks, in our heads ... How can we do this in a more productive way? Bullet journaling and garden diaries will be discussed. Join us for ideas, and share your own tips!

Give us a call at 989-837-1885 to register!