DarkSyde Acres Haunted House Attraction

Saturday, Oct 8, 2022 from 8:00pm to 11:30pm
DarkSyde Acres Haunted House
11375 Rowe Road

The Biggest, Scariest Haunted House in Michigan is Open !

Darksyde Acres Haunted House Michigan

With over 70,000 square feet of mazes, monsters, and mayhem, DarkSyde Acres is the Largest Haunted House in Michigan you will find waiting for you this Halloween.

5 Haunted House Attractions-True Hollywood Style FX

Darksyde Acres includes Hollywood style fx , costuming and set design from the award winning special effects company, BodyBag Entertainment. One Location, 5 scary events, all based at 11375 Rowe Road, Jonesville, Michigan. This is going to be the most talked-about Haunted House in Michigan.

This Haunted House is not your average Haunted attraction.

From The RustHole to The Catacombs to The Dark Abyss, this is the haunt that is stirring up news in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio! Bonfires, refreshment stand, gift shop, indoor waiting and free parking.
We’ve got blood, guts, gore and more for those brave enough to visit. Also, as well as Family friendly outdoor activities for everyone!

Multiple Attractions Over 70,000 sq. ft. Extreme Haunted Houses All at One Location!

Nightly Bonfires – Concessions – Gift Shop – Indoor Waiting – Free Parking


The Catacombs Haunted Attraction:

Darkness washes over you as you take the first fateful step through that first door. Your body is tense; your senses heightened. What sounds like ghostly whispers are barely audible in the distance. You can hear faint noises coming from the halls ahead. Shuffling…creaking…and…is that groaning? The stench of something so foul that it twists your stomach in knots washes over you. It’s too late to turn back now. You freeze. A shadow moves quickly towards you and you try to scream, but screaming won’t help you in here.

Buried deep beneath the warehouses of Darksyde Acres lies a frightening labyrinth of dark passages, twisting and turning, playing host to a league of toxic, undead creatures that are unlike any zombies you’ve read about in a storybook. Led by the sinister head skeletal zombie, known in these parts as the infamous Richter Mortis, these undead monsters will leave you unprepared to handle their tricks. Created in a testing facility once housed within the damp and crumbling catacomb walls, they were savagely bred to be fast, strong, and indestructible against human force. The horrors of the Catacombs leave many questions to be answered. Who is Richter Mortis? Who were these test subjects? What was the purpose of the experiment? What caused these innocent people to become so abominably twisted and hungry for human flesh? Seek the answers if you dare…only the strongest live to tell the tale.

Rusthole Haunted House Attraction:

The year is 2018. Hidden away deep within the steel confines of Darksyde acres, the mad scientists at Rusthole Industries have been hard at work all year perfecting the formula to create bizarre test tube monsters that are sure to be like nothing you’ve seen in your wildest nightmares. The booming sound of toxic smokestacks and grinding machinery attempt to conceal the strange screeches and screams of the newly born, genetically re-engineered creatures of horror that lurk within. Enter the crumbling warehouses if you dare…your very sanity is at stake. Your curiosity will be your end. As you stumble through the futuristic factory of terror, your very psyche will be under fire as you encounter the tortured, subhuman souls within. Captured, killed, cloned, and reanimated, everything from Rusthole’s own alien beings to larger than life bloodthirsty spider hybrids wait to catch you alone in the darkness. If you’re not careful you could find yourself hooked up to the scientists’ whirring machines of genetic torture, doomed to be the next featured grotesque experiment.

The time of the black maze has come to an end, and in 2018 Darksyde’s own Rusthole Industries has been completely reinvented for a never-before-seen industrial horror experience that focuses on exploiting all of darkest, deepest fears in one haunt. If you manage to escape the creatures within, you’ll never be the same, and before long you’ll be begging to join them.

The Dark Abyss Haunted House:

Shiver me timbers! Just when you think you’ve finally made it to the end of your terrifying experience, a scare like no other is just around the corner. The smell of salt water, mildew, and decay is heavy in the air as you enter a zany nautical fantasy realm that will leave you begging to walk the plank. The zombie crew of the Dark Abyss is very, very hungry for stowaway stew – a constant hunger that even the galley cook can’t satisfy. As you enter you can hear the rowdy crew’s loud banter in the distance. Led by none other than the forever cursed ghost of Captain Carcass and his not so lovely blood thirsty bride, Bloody Mary, this unruly bunch of pirates are on a mission to make sure you go down with the ship. A ragtag team of undead crew, sea monsters and underappreciated washroom wenches are there to keep your adrenaline racing as you prepare to have an unexpected meeting with the bad-tempered, underpaid galley cook, Chop Chop. Quick with a cleaver, she’ll determine your fate. Be ye crew or stew? If she doesn’t catch you, Long Legs will.

Michigan’s only haunted pirate ship is ready to hoist the anchors and set sail at Darksyde Acres once more! Voted Darksyde’s number one attraction year after year, the extreme detail and graphic nature is not for the faint of heart.

The Labyrinth:

Once you enter Darksyde’s ultimate maze of mayhem, your senses will be challenged like never before as you try to escape the winding, seemingly endless passageways of Michigan’s scariest chainsaw maze. The experience is geared to ensure that focusing on your escape will be difficult, if even possible. Will you be quick enough to make it out alive, or will you join the mass of unfortunate prisoners that were lost and doomed to rot within the labyrinth forever? Bloodthirsty evil jack-o-lanterns lurk around every turn, waiting to strike when you least expect it. The completely revamped labyrinth is a maze boasting a backwoods, free-for-all horror theme like no other. With more chainsaws, less exits, and a horde of very hungry hogs, the Labyrinth will keep even the most seasoned haunted house goer on their toes.
New for 2018 , the Labyrinth has been expanded, Making it even bigger and scarier than ever before, guaranteed to keep you screaming.


Many years ago, long before the creation of Darksyde Acres, a rather strange circus came to the little town of Jonesville for some out of the ordinary Halloween fun. Very early that next foggy November morning, the carnies packed up their curiously blood stained shabby tents and rusty tent stakes, and they disappeared as quickly as they had come. Fast forward to ten years later…the city of Jonesville had recently been experiencing an influx of missing persons cases. Little did they know that during the macabre circus’s long forgotten about trip to town, they had left someone – or perhaps something behind. As citizens of Jonesville, Michigan continued to go missing, leaving the town grappling with an unsolvable mystery, a dark force grew within the winding hallways of Darksyde Acres Haunted House. Entering the domain of this deranged misfit crew is sure to both tickle your funny bone and prey on your worst fears. This ever-growing haunted circus always has room for one more.

Newly redesigned  in 2016, Klownetowne is an in-your-face intense experience that is sure to keep you coming back for more comical fright. Don’t let the bright, neon atmosphere and misleading laughter fool you. Entry into Darksyde’s own maniacal Halloween circus is a one-way ticket to a unique scare that is sure to please all ages.

Box Office Opens at 8pm and Closes at 11:30pm.

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