Deranged Haunted Attraction - Deranged After Dark

Sunday, Oct 9, 2022 from 8:00pm to 10:00pm
Deranged Haunt
35560 Goddard Road

The new summer camp program at Camp Zika never got an opportunity to launch as bus schedules were thrown off track, as the one bus that was set to transport nearly 700 campers broke down on its first route to the camp. Legend has it that the bus broke down just 13 miles from the exit, leaving the campers stranded and freezing out in the middle of the forest, right on top of the abandoned Indiana Burial Grounds. Oddly enough, this can’t be confirmed, as the bus, nor the traveling campers, were ever seen again.

Some citizens believe that it’s best that the bus never made it, as rumors state that Lake Zika is notoriously known for being a big dump for hazardous waste materials from the nearby industrial zone. The wildlife’s only water supply was the lake, and there have been reports that the creatures turned rabid due to the chemicals they ingested, and  have been known to rip apart human flesh and snack on corpses down to the bone.

Do you plan to stay at home, safe inside your bubble, or do you dare venture through the district and forest out in search of the truth? Keep in mind, when departing the district, the only safe haven is the General Store nearly a mile down the path.

Special Event:
Deranged After Dark
This night is not for the easily offended. Guests must be 18 years old to purchase ticket.

General Admission $22
VIP (Skip The Line) $32
RIP Axess $40

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