Giggle Giggle Quackle

Saturday, Feb 29, 2020 at 10:30am


Join us for the second of three interactive concerts based on the delightful books by Doreen Cronin. Original music is performed by WMS musicians and a story teller takes you on a musical adventure. In our first concert, ?Click Clack Moosic,? the farm animals taught us about music dynamics?loud and soft. In our second installment, ?Giggle Giggle Quackle,? the animals teach us about tempo?things that move fast and things that move slow. Get ready to hear how the animals fool brother Bob into having a pizza and movie night! Uh, oh!

Season tickets (4 shows) ? Adults: $34, Children: $17
Series tickets (3 shows, no holiday): Adults: $25.50, Children: $12.50
Single tickets ? Adults:$10, Children: $5

Call 231-726-3231 to get your tickets today!