Hush Haunted Attraction

Saturday, Oct 8, 2022 at 7:00pm
Hush Haunted Attraction
37550 Cherry Hill Rd

Hush Haunted Attraction is Back for 2022 with 3 New haunted houses, Plus 3 secret bars!

Hush Haunted Attraction has earned a local and national reputation being ranked as one of Metro Detroit's Best Haunted Houses by Channel 4 News and among the Top 13 in the nation by Coaster Nation, as well being named one of the nation's Top Haunt's by The Haunted Attraction Association.

Known for Hollywood quality sets, high quality actors, and an action packed, heart pumping layout HUSH is back and completely redesigned.


Haunted Houses:

Belly of the Beast:

The Hush Falls Hotel has a new dark secret brewing in its abyss: a temple to its dark lord: Anglor. Constructed by the undead who reside under the hotel, the temple is alive and its roots have spread like veins throughout the Hotel underpass. Do you dare to explore the negative 13th floor of the Hush Falls Hotel? Just whatever you do, don't look at Anglor directly in his eyes.

Louisiana Catacombs:

As you find your way past the temples of horror, you stumble upon a swampland that our ancestors used to bury the dead to preserve their spirits. But this is no ordinary graveyard. You find yourself in a seemingly unending web of catacombs; and you have disturbed their lair! The undead lurk in the dark crevices, and crawl out from their resting places to speak with you. They live in anguish and haven't spoken to a soul in hundreds of years...until now.

Rosecliff Hall Haunted Mansion:

You’ve made it this far, and now the towering edifice of Rosecliff Hall looms over you. The legends of the horrors the Von Rose family perpetrated on the residents of Hush Falls seem more like a history lesson than fabricated stories after the things you’ve seen so far. As you enter, the manor seems alive, like the evil from the town has somehow permeated the walls and floors of the ominous mansion. The current residents are not too pleased at your arrival, but they aren’t going to let you leave in one piece…if at all…

Plus 3 Secret Bars:

Voodoo Blues VIP Lounge:

This New Orleans themed V.I.P. Lounge is available to Bar Creep Pass holders only, and contains oddities and collections that will make chills run up your spine. Was this place once used to concoct evil potions? Let's hope that the drinks they serve are not cursed! Once inside, Madame LaLaurie has prepared a freshly baked Beignet for you, and has two specialty drinks available for purchase. Will you take the red pill or the blue pill?

Expedition Basecamp Secret Bar:

The Legendary Expeditions Company has setup a temporary basecamp while they attempt to unearth the newly discovered Anglor temple and pillage it for its riches. Grab a stiff drink from Johnny Plunder at this one-of-a-kind secret bar. Access requires the Bar Creep Pass and 21+ years of age.

Von Rose Distillery Secret Bar:

Local residents recently discovered that the wealthy Rosecliff Hall family had built out a secret distillery on their property to brew their own spirits. The family had a keen taste for whiskey & bourbon, but sometime since then, blood-thirsty vampires had taken over the distillery as their sleeping quarters. It's a good thing that you brought some cloves of garlic with you to Hush Haunt this evening. Access requires the Bar Creep Pass and 21+ years of age.

Hush Falls Midway:

A massive city street with towering buildings and now-decrepit landmarks awaits you in this unique scare zone as you wait in line. You can expect to interact with undead city dwellers and have ample photo opportunities.

Time: 7:00 p.m - 12:00 a.m.

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