Lake Michigan Film Festival

Lake Michigan Film Festival
Saturday, Mar 2, 2024 at 1:00pm
Studio C Meridian Mall
1999 Central Park Drive

Schedule Of Events:

1:00 pm: Student Films 1

Studio C

Directed by Peaches Wilczak
Central Michigan University
3 minutes
Through the lens of the metaphysical artist trying to reconnect with their art, They reinterpret the biblical seven days of creation.

Nothing in the Middle of Nowhere
Directed by Caleb Couvion
Taylor University
16 minutes
Midwestern microwave salesman, Clement Supple, has the worst birthday, full of bad luck with work, relationships, and killers, and is faced with eternal doom unless he can find a way to break the cycle.
And He Was Like
Directed by Isis Diaz
Michigan State University
2 minutes
After an awful date, a girl tells her roommate all about it.

Farewell Tour
Directed by Erik Howard
Grand Valley State University
13  minutes
When young rock legend Johnny Stranger returns to his hometown to finish a nationwide tour, he realizes that his rockstar persona has become inseparable from his true identity.

TVC-15: The Return of Major Tom
Directed by Alexsys Giraud, Matthew Wilson
Downriver Detroit Student Film Consortium
5 minutes
David Bowie's 1969 song "Space Oddity" that left Major Tom lost in space is revisited in this music video written and produced by Middle School and High School students of the Downriver Detroit Student Film Consortium (DDSFC) ,  as they bring Major Tom home after 54 years.

How to Stop A Wedding
Directed by Darien Taylor
Taylor University
15 minutes
As a father comes up with three steps to stop his daughter from getting married, he learns the beauty of letting go.

Directed by Mitchell Salley
University of Michigan
30 minutes
Dark secrets from childhood threaten sisters Evelyn and Mallory, one an actress and the other a playwright.

3:30 pm: Short films a "life"

Studio C

Open For Breakfast
Directed by Tran Hoang Calvin
7 minutes
Lorraine, a new waitress, forms a heartfelt connection with Edith, a regular customer at her diner.

The Canine Psychic
Directed by Kristin Catalano, Jed Schlegelmilch
10 minutes
With a 100% success rate of uniting owners with the reincarnations of their deceased pets, Charlene is America's number one Canine Psychic. But how does she do it?

Directed by Jon Gollner
12  minutes
After receiving a terminal cancer diagnosis, a musician struggles to finish his debut album before it's too late.

Picture This
Directed by Peter Sparling
5 minutes
Animation celebrates the human imagination and its capacity to etch simulations of reality while leaving space for the mind to fill in the gaps and take a leap of faith. Danced movement carves out and evokes worlds via gesture, focus and the dance of time, space and force.

An Outfit
Directed by Zohra, Isaias Perez
17 minutes
A mother of a young girl, unhappy with her body, avoids purchasing clothes for herself, since she gave birth. With an impending social event, she has to overcome her fears and begin to re-piece her confidence.

Let's Talk About Death
Directed by Kelley Wolf Griffith
12 minutes
The Capaul family runs a fourth generation funeral home and tries to break the stigma of discussing death.With separate takes and humor combined, never has the topic of death been so entertaining.

Photo Of The Day.
Directed by Mac Eldridge, Tom Dean
12 minutes
A photo from their past ignites a conversation between a husband and wife about the possibility of an open marriage.

Directed by Jesse Rothenberg
7 minutes
Lia's keeping a secret and it may need to be exposed for her and Ginny to break out of their funk.

6:15 pm: Detroit: The City Of Hot Rods And Muscle Cars
Directed by Kieth Famie
90 minutes
A celebration of the unique Detroit muscle car community and how Motor City iron has circumnavigated the globe and shaped world culture. Get your motors running!

8:45 pm: Short films b "dark"

Studio C

Dark Side of the Moon
Directed by Lincoln Reed
8 minutes
A lawman and a prisoner play a deadly game beneath a full moon.

Ice Scream
Directed by Austin Torres
7 minutes
A young woman minding her own business gets stalked by a demented ice cream truck.

Lone Wolf
Directed by Nicholas D Gascho, Brittany Dunn
10 minutes
On her birthday, Carly makes some last minute changes to one of her paintings causing her to reflect on her past.

The Plant Boy
Directed by Dylan Mitchell
UM Dearborn
15 minutes
An ill botanist closes himself off from the outside world to create a medicine that will cure his sickness.

Hypnosis Psychosis
Directed by Devan Shulman
Grand Valley State University
10 minutes
A college student visiting a psychologist soon realizes that she has him under a hypnotic spell, dragging him into a strange and painful mind-bending nightmare.

On The Run
Directed by Irene Maffei
15 minutes
A couple that tries to escape from past mistakes, ends up finding that non-confronted troubles have a way of haunting you.

Directed by Pete Johnston
12 minutes
After being laid off from her tech job, a young woman fights her way through the increasingly terrifying world of gig work.

Directed by Paul Rothman
14 minutes
A guy walks into a bar before closing time and overstays his welcome.

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