Past Tense After Dark Haunted House Attraction

Saturday, Oct 15, 2022 at 7:00pm
Past Tense After Dark
1965 Farnsworth Road

Lapeer’s Premier haunted destination features up to 3 heart pounding haunted attractions.


House of Horrors:

Your heart pounding, your nightmares come alive and your worst fears become reality! You can’t see what’s next… your eyes betray you, you can smell the blood and sweat as you cower from the horrifying screams and sights… and your senses overload. You can’t run, you can’t hide, and you better hope your friends are still behind you.

Half century ago, an unspeakable evil took place on Farnsworth Road in Lapeer. The horrors of that evil night were locked away and kept silent… UNTIL NOW! The Farnsworth Hotel is open for blood curdling night stays. You can check out – but you may never escape the terrors that make Past Tense After Dark the most terrifying place you’ll ever want to come back to… again and again. If you survive, Past Tense cider & donuts await you at the Cider Mill next door.

The Corn Maze of Fear:

A pleasant field of corn becomes dangerously unnerving at Past Tense’s After Dark haunted Corn Maze of Fear! What starts out as a fun hike through the corn field, quickly becomes darker, different, dangerous. Turning, winding dead-ends and endless loops will confuse and frighten you. Shadows move and the silence is broken by the rustling of corn stalks as unknown creatures lurk, waiting for their next victim. Screams ring out as you twist your way through this endless maze cut through the dead, unharvested stalks of corn. Your breath becomes shallow and labored as you move more quickly trying another path… or is it the same one you tried last time? As your pace quickens and your pulse rises, you are tempted to reach for your friends hand.

Whatever you do, don’t go it alone! The thoughts that cross your mind here are NOT helping… will you make it out tonight? Will you make it out alive? Do you dare to enter the Corn Maze of Fear at Past Tense After Dark?

The Hayride of Despair:

After Dark….. things change. After Dark… tthings take on a more sinister hue. A simple hayride in the country becomes… unsettling, scary. As you wind through the Lapeer countryside in the crisp autumn air, the horrifying reality of events that took place years ago begin to unveil themselves. Every turn reveals horrifying evil, every bump quickens your pulse. The night is alive with sounds, smells and the eerie feeling you can’t escape, that you are not safe… you are NOT alone. How far is it to run? Creatures lurk around each corner, howling, screaming, and trying to get you off this ride.

Only invite the friends you trust, as this will be the most terrifying fall night you’ll remember… if you survive!! Not for children or the faint of heart! The scare of your life awaits at Past Tense After Dark!

Time: 7:00 p.m - Midnight

Ticket Prices:

Corn Maze of Fear: $10
Hayride of Despair: $10
House of Horrors: $15
Combo Package: $30

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