Terrorfied Forest Haunted Attraction

Thursday, Oct 19, 2017 at 8:00pm


The tall pines whisper & sway as you walk among them. Is that the wind or a voice drawing you ever deeper into their lair? Is that snap of a stick caused by an animal or something much more sinister? As you travel down the dimly lit path, know that you are not alone. You never know when or where the horrors will appear but you can rest assured they will know where you are and strike at your most vulnerable moment.

Many years ago, the Bumbling Brothers Carnival rolled from town to town with their featured clown, Bubbles. Bubbles had lived with the carnival since before he could remember and he never knew any other way of life. Not long after the carnival came to the quiet town of Pinckney, rumors of strange happenings began to spread. Many people who had visited the carnival disappeared without a trace. To avoid unwanted investigation, the carnival left suddenly in the middle of the night. So quickly in fact, that they left Bubbles behind. Ever since, strange noises mixed with carnival music can be heard coming from the abandoned funhouse. And even though Bubbles has never been seen again, rumors persist that he is lying in wait to make the locals pay for the carnival abandoning him. If you enter, will you survive the “fun” things that still inhabit the soul of the old building or will Bubbles exact his revenge on you?

Manor $10.00
Forest $20.00 or
Combo $25.00

Group Rates
(20 to 50 people advance purchase required)
Manor $8.00 | Forest $16.00 | Combo $20.00

( 50 people or more advance purchase required)
Manor $6.00 | Forest $12.00 | Combo $15.00