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Bronner's Christmas Wonderland

25 Christmas Lane

If you love the joy and excitement of the CHRISTmas season, then enjoy those special feelings all year long at Bronner’s CHRISTmas Wonderland!

The sights, sounds, and spirit of CHRISTmas completely surround you at this amazing store, which is the size of one and a half football fields. Bronner’s is overflowing with 50,000 trims and gifts.


Julie Wood

Thursday, May 24, 2018
LOVE coming here. The staff are always friendly and nice, and I love how the place has not been updated it seems in decades. Please never update it! The women's bathroom still has baby pink tile. The whole store is very nostalgic to myself and I am sure a lot of other people. You always feel happy after leaving this place. Huge assortment of ornaments and Christmas decorations as you can imagine, and I feel they do a great job with having varying price ranges to fit many budgets.

Daniel Lazenby

Thursday, June 28, 2018
What can you say about Bronner's? It's the ultimate Mecca of Christmas ornaments. Excellent selection of nativity scenes. The store is well laid out. Easy to find things. Has great parking lot. Incredible staff to assist you. If you don't find it here you probably don't really need it.

Ainsley TV

Tuesday, July 3, 2018
I love this place!! There is a lot of good items here. Selections are good. This is such a big store. Also the employees are helpful and nice! We hope to come here soon! Highly recommend this place!!

Sue Cooper

Sunday, July 8, 2018
It's good, but it's just a store, not a destination. It seemed like most of the store was ornaments on shelves/pegs. I wish there would have been more decorated displays in the ornaments section, like maybe trees or wreaths. There should be a much bigger Christmas candy section with displays/ideas for candy houses. It would be neat if the snack bar were updated to looked more like the inside of a Swiss chalet. There seemed to be a lot of empty space. Perhaps there could be an area for kids to play or tour a Christmas village. Missed opportunities....

Suz Sims-Fletcher

Saturday, July 14, 2018
I can't even speak! ACRES of Christmas. Whatever you want (military, state related, pink, kids, animals, hunting, food, etc) they have an ornament (and probably a whole section) for you. Go with an idea of what you are looking for AND with a limit on what you will buy - otherwise you may go broke! BUT - it is what all the billboards tell you. I appreciated the big MEETING POINT and that their trash bins were written in many languages. Bonus: they have 3 penny squishing machines (one is not out right now - broken) NOTE: Bronner's has a religious leaning - as you might expect. Don't go there with a chip on your shoulder about that if you aren't so inclined. It is a Christian holiday- they don't shove it in your face, but it is there, for sure.

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