Michigan's Adventure

4750 Whitehall Road

At Michigan's Adventure, there are rides for everyone from thrill-seekers to families.  If speed and adventure are for you, we have Roller Coasters like Thunderhawk and Shivering Timbers, or Thrill Rides like Grand Rapids or HydroBlaster. If slower speeds are for you, the Family Rides like the Grand Carousel or Timbertown Railway will be perfect.

Soak up the fun at WildWater Adventure, Michigan's largest waterpark. Families will find thrills they've never experienced before, including three wave pools and over 20 water slides. WildWater Adventure is included free with park admission to Michigan's Adventure.


Christy Howard

Sunday, Aug. 13, 2017

The park was nice can use some updates and paint but over all its nice. The water park was very nice. Could spend days in their water park. My complaint is the friendliness of the staff. From management to ride operators need to be trained in customer service. Explain to each of them how a little compassion goes a long way. Mandy and Eric are wonderful people if you have issues they are the 2 people to find.


Sunday, Aug. 27, 2017

For the price, good rides available. As expected, food and drinks are pricey but the all day drink deal is worth the money. We had the fast pass (I hate lines) but it didn't cover the corkscrew roller coaster which was disappointing but still worth it. Parking was very easy to get out, we left at park closing and it wasn't 10 minutes to exit, I've had a longer time getting out of a Walmart parking lot. Overall, good value for a smaller park.

Joe Mccormick

Monday, Aug. 28, 2017

Started out good, but had a few different issues. One, while waiting for a ride, a person about 4 people away from me just passed out, don't know why, doesn't matter why, I believe it was her mom yelled we need help, the person running the ride, picked up the phone and was calling for help, other people around her were trying to offer any help they could, person working said I called it in and went back to running the ride. Now the paramedic did show in with in 5 mins, which for a park that size I thought was good, but the way the worker was running the ride seemed not so good. Then a few hours later we were in the water park, 2 lost kids were looking for there parents and we helped since the workers didn't want to help. Found the parents. Then it was around 730, park closed at 9, waiting for a ride watch a group walk up with the fast lane, get right on, get off, shoot some hoops, walk up, get right on again. So that fast lane is a no waiting lane. I get you pay more for it, but why not send like 10 cars of waiting in line people then the fast lane group, then 10 more of the people waiting in line. Nope it seemed to be walk up, and on if you have the fast lane pass. I will probably be back but it will be a few years.

Paul Somsel

Friday, Aug. 25, 2017

This has been a fun place to go. Would give it a 5 except it was a dreary day. We had 2 members that love the water park and 2 that do roller coasters. So we asked if everything would be open of the parking attendant. She said yep everything would be. Once inside the park we saw a delay of water park because of temperature. It is posted on signs and website. But she should have told us that also.

Matt Richard

Thursday, Sep. 7, 2017

Pro's: For the ticket price you get a lot of fun for the buck, watermark included, limited amount of roller coasters, but a nice variety and some pretty decent coasters. Water park included with entry. When we went out rained in the morning so there where nearly zero waits for roller coasters. Con's: I expect to pay an extremely high price for food at a park like this, but the quality of the food and level of customer service was unacceptable for the price. I left the park and brought back taco Bell from the next exit on 31 and we ate in the car in the parking lot then reentered the park... That's how bad the food was, and I'm not a picky eater. One of the wooden coasters will beat you like you're a red headed step child living in Russia, but if you like it "rough" them this just might be your kind of coaster.