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National Morel Mushroom Festival

National Morel Mushroom Festival
PO Box 184

Each May, Boyne City fills with hundreds of mushroom lovers from around the country who come seeking that elusive delicacy-the marvelous morel. Found in nearby woods and clearings, morels are favored by those who know their 'shrooms.

Our town hosts the Boyne City Mushroom Festival and the Boyne Valley Lion's National Morel Mushroom Hunt each year, and for a few short days, everything is all about mushrooms. Restaurants prepare exotic, morel-laden entrees,  local songsters sing of the morel, secret hunting places (maybe) and recipes (definitely) are shared, and everybody goes on the mushroom hunt. A good year can yield thousands of the mouth-watering treats. But, even when a dry spell or late spring makes morels scarce, morels can be tasted at the 'Morel Taste of Boyne' and the festival is always fun for everyone.

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