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Davison - Richfield Park BMX

6550 North Irish Road

We are a 501 c 3 non-profit orginization that relies on sponsors and volunteers to help give kids and family members a place to practice, race, and enjoy the great sport of BMX. We hold sanctioned events through out spring and summer months and as far along as the fall.

Richfield Park BMX was established over 25 years ago by parents and volunteers that live within the Genesee County area.  Their inspiration brought about a program for both children and adults that promotes a great way to stay fit, have fun, be competitive, and make a lifetime of memories and friends.  The program continues to be run solely by volunteers and the fees charged to practice and/or race are reinvested to the program and track maintenance.  


Richard Brannam

Sunday, Sep. 3, 2017
its the place it really all started for me and my family.i helped petition the township to build and help build it into what it is now.i rode it every night after work till i moved away at age 26.i was on the board for several years.its still a great place for the family to ride,race,picnic,and make lots of great memories.They even gave my family a plackard on the berm.thanks richard brannam

Richfield Park BMX

Thursday, May 11, 2017
Richfield Park BMX has made improvements over the past six months. Changes to the track have made it one of national race caliber. It's fast, with jumps big enough for expert racers and not to intimidating for beginners.

Bobby Nies

Saturday, Nov. 25, 2017
Great place for kids to ride and have fun

brad cameron

Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2018
Great free placed to ride

Roxanna Clark

Saturday, Dec. 2, 2017
Took grandkids pine cone hunting and saw a deer!

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