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Shawhaven Haunted Farm

Shawhaven Haunted Farm
1826 Rolfe Road

It's been 10 Years of FARM FRESH FEAR

Be prepared for the Zombie influx
Fear surrounds the Farm. All 140 acres have been lost onto a haze of despair, since the dark years when the crops and animals were lost to a devastating invasion of bugs. Fear had engulfed all the grounds.

Local people have tried to face their fears on the Wagons of Fear.  Some exit safely and unchanged only to be lost into the darkness of despair with time. Others try to make the trip through the Dead Maze to the next town only to join the Zombies that linger within the corn.

A new darkness has covered the Farm and it surrounds Samara's Boarding House. It's the last place to try if you're on your way to a new life, it'll be a new life you never expected. People check in but few check out.

New for Shawhaven's 10th year of fear, the Farm House Escape is open. Try your skills to escape the Farm House before the Zombies reach you.

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