6 Best Vegan and Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants in Michigan!

When the time comes to chow down on high-fiber goodness, Michigan has a few more options than might be expected. In fact, there are plenty of vegetarian—and even vegan—options for dining out in Michigan. So if you’re looking for a healthier meal, or a restaurant conducive to your diet, start right here in Michigan. Here are the 6 best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in the state! 

Bliss and Vinegar, Grand Rapids, MI

Based around a popular and obscene slogan that means “fervor,” Grand Rapids' Bliss and Vinegar offers all of its surprisingly substantial salad options in one of two ways: cupped, in which it's served in a bowl with a side of focaccia bread, or wrapped, in which it's poured onto a whole grain flatbread and rolled up like a burrito. For those who want some meat and dairy thrown in, meanwhile, that's also available, making this a nicely versatile operation.

Way Cup Café, Holland, MI

Head to Holland for this option. Most know that one of the easiest ways to get a vegetarian option comes around at breakfast time, since there are really only three meats that go well with breakfast—assuming you count egg as meat, which some do—bacon, sausage and of course egg. Featuring the unusual Corn Toast-um, the Vegan Chili, and the vegetable-based bagel sandwich known as the Veggie Tale, there will be some sound options here beyond breakfast here as well.

Curry Kitchen, Muskegon, MI

Out in Muskegon sits the Curry Kitchen, an Indian restaurant which will—and not surprisingly for those familiar with Indian food—have plenty of vegetable-only options on hand. Where the Curry Kitchen distinguishes itself, though, is in its lunch buffet, which will put many of these front and center. 

Seva Restaurant, Ann Arbor, MI

Commonly regarded as one of the best options in Ann Arbor for vegetarians, Seva Restaurant offers a wide range of both vegan and vegetarian dishes. Check out the goat cheese ravioli, the Pad Thai, and the burrito, and that's scratching the surface. Beyond that, though, there are also weekly specials, a beverage and dessert menu—all house-made desserts, no less—as well as a gluten-free menu, sufficiently so that they have a toaster specifically for gluten-free toast. 

Fralia's, Saginaw, MI

Saginaw probably doesn't come to mind much when it comes to vegetarian fare, but that's just what's waiting for you at Fralia's. They've got plenty of meat-based items for those who come along and want that sort of thing, but vegetarians and vegans will be able to assemble their own sandwiches from a variety of options, as well as enjoy a variety of salads and daily-changing soup options. There's plenty on hand at Fralia's to choose from, and that makes it well worth considering.

Try It Raw, Birmingham, MI

Opened by two former sushi chefs, Birmingham's Try It Raw represents something of an unique development in vegetarian cuisine. It focuses, as the name implies, on raw foods, or foods made with a minimum of preparation. From breakfast to dinner, there will be many exciting options ranging from the chocolate chia pudding and “Grawnola” for breakfast to the broccoli slaw salad and going all the way into even meatless sushi, the end result is a thoroughly unique experience.

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