10 Best Apple Cider Doughnuts in Michigan!

Crisp and sweet, tart and juicy, Michigan is home to some of the best apple cider doughnuts in the country. From Rochester Hills to Saint John's, discover this list of 10 must-visit cider mills and find joy in the special taste of Michigan. It is a particularly savory doughnut that everybody will relish.

Yates Cider Mill, Rochester Hills, MI

Anyone wishing to indulge in a traditional cider and doughnut combo should visit Yates Cider Mill. Their yummy apple cider doughnuts are lavishly dusted with white sugar for a celebratory crunch and delicately fried. Visit the Yates Cider Mill for a memorable treat if you want something genuinely exceptional.

Franklin Cider Mill, Franklin, MI

Franklin Cider Mill is the place for those with an unquenchable sweet craving. Enjoy their famed apple cider doughnuts, which are exquisitely fried, covered with fresh apple cider, and covered in a crunchy sugar coating. You'll have trouble just sticking to one!

Plymouth Orchards & Cider Mill, Plymouth, MI

With their unmistakable apple cider doughnuts, Plymouth Orchards & Cider Mill upgrades the art of making doughnuts to new heights. You'll fall in love at first bite. They are made with pressed apple cider and finished with a sparing amount of sugar. Grab your daily serving of doughnut flawlessness here.

Apple Barrel Cider Mill, Ithaca, MI

The finest apple cider doughnuts can be found at Apple Barrel Cider Mill. Enjoy expertly fried doughnuts created with crushed apple cider and then dusted with fine sugar. They're available whenever hunger strikes.

Country Mill Farms, Bakery, Orchard & Cider Mill, Charlotte, MI

Country Mill Farms, Bakery, Orchard & Cider Mill may be essential to sweet, sugary, crunchy perfection. The optimum balance of sweet cider and crumbly cinnamon sugar makes their freshly made apple cider doughnuts a wonderful treat. Discover for yourself why customers from all over the world keep returning.

Spicer Orchards Farm Market, Fenton, MI

Bring the apple cider doughnut lover in your life to Spicer Orchards Farm Market. Enjoy their renowned apple cider doughnuts, created daily with freshly pressed apple juice and a light sugar dusted on top. Prepare yourself to experience absolute joy.

Dexter Cider Mill, Dexter, MI

Dexter Cider Mill is the ideal location for anyone seeking a genuine apple cider doughnut fix. Visitors can gobble up exquisitely made apple cider doughnuts inside that have been fried until honey-colored and liberally coated with sugar. These are sure to gratify. Come for a meal and stay to enjoy Michigan's small-town charm.

Blake's Orchard & Cider Mill, Armada, MI

Once you've taken a bite of an apple cider doughnut from Blake's Orchard & Cider Mill, your palate will be satisfied. These drool-worthy treats are made using apple cider, thoroughly fried, and covered with sugar for an explosion of coziness. You'll become hooked on their luscious taste as soon as you try one.

Parmenter's Northville Cider Mill, Northville, MI

Parmenter's Northville Cider Mill is the ultimate utopia for anyone with a strong love of apple cider doughnuts. Bite into the crisp apple cider doughnuts, pressed apple cider enveloped in a light shell of fried dough, and give your senses something to adore. Need we say more? Treat yourself and stop by!

Uncle John's Cider Mill, Saint Johns, MI

An apple cider doughnut to top all others can be found at Uncle John's Cider Mill. Enjoy the warm apple cider doughnuts skillfully cooked to completion and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. You'll understand why these doughnuts are exceptional after just one mouthful.

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