10 Best Taekwondo Studios in Michigan!

Michigan is known for many attractions and activities, but few compare to the incredible Taekwondo studios throughout the state. Check out the 10 places to learn Taekwondo in the Great Lake State from Commerce Township to Roseville.

Everest Taekwondo, Commerce Township, MI

Everest Taekwondo is the destination for taekwondo training. Join them five days a week for a particular blend of fitness, education, and self-discipline. Challenge yourself and your family to push your boundaries and discover the martial art. It is the most exciting place to learn!

Koubeissi Taekwondo School, Dearborn, MI

Koubeissi Taekwondo School is the undisputed king of Taekwondo training in Dearborn. It's where Michigan State champions are made and raised. Learn from the finest and become the greatest with their professional instructors. Discover the champion within you and let your true potential shine through.

North American Taekwondo and Hoijeon Moosool Academy, Ypsilanti, MI

North American Taekwondo and Hoijeon Moosool Academy, Ypsilanti, MI At North American Taekwondo and Hoijeon Moosool Academy, martial arts enthusiasts of all ranks can find their place. Gain physical and cognitive development through this Korean military system of Taekwondo, with classes focusing on building force, endurance, resilience, and temperament, all while mastering the techniques behind forms, sparring, and more.

Olympia Taekwondo, Commerce Charter Twp, MI

Throw a punch and kick your way to success with Olympia Taekwondo. Their experts are here to help elevate your skills in self-defense and build your confidence. Through their classes, you can gain self-esteem, self-discipline, and respect. Join them and become the martial arts master you were always meant to be.

Troy Martial Arts, Troy, MI

Troy Martial Arts offers a blend of training and fun for all ages. Their coaches and instructors are certified by the USA Taekwondo Federation and ready to help. Whether you are looking for a way to stay fit, protect yourself, or have a good time, Troy Martial Arts has something for every preference, including family classes.

Akula Taekwondo, Wixom, MI

Akula Taekwondo, Wixom, MI Have the power of taekwondo at Akula Taekwondo. Their encouraging training environment provides specified attention to aid each student in achieving their potential as they learn in line with the World Taekwondo system, the world's most significant form of martial arts.

Shinn's Taekwondo Academy, Okemos, MI

Try the martial arts mastery of Shinn's Taekwondo Academy. Located in Okemos, this academy has been teaching its students the art of Taekwondo since 1994. Step into a world of self-discipline and physical and mental training to reach your highest potential. Join Shinn's Taekwondo Academy and become a martial arts master.

Hong's USA Dojang, Niles, MI

Hong's USA Dojang, Niles, MI For those looking to learn and practice the art of Taekwondo, Hong's USA Dojang is the place to be. This vibrant and welcoming dojang offers the finest instruction and training for martial arts from Korea. They teach the skill and power of Taekwondo through their professional training. Be ready to challenge your strength and agility.

Kil's Taekwondo Center, Canton, MI

Kil's Taekwondo Center is the destination for martial arts training in Canton. Led by an esteemed professional, who is also a 10th-degree black belt, students can pursue their martial arts dreams and master the ancient art of taekwondo.

Tiger Chung's Martial Arts, Roseville, MI

Tiger Chung's Martial Arts is the spot for anyone who wants to learn the ancient Korean martial art Tae Kwon Do. Impress your friends with your newly discovered martial arts skills and get in shape. Locally owned and operated, Tiger Chung's has provided instruction for years and remains the spot for taekwondo in the area.

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