The 10 Best Delis in Michigan!

When a sandwich is really good, it’s among the greatest pleasures in life. Delis across the state of Michigan work hard at the art of sandwich making. Whether it’s a classic Italian sub or a scrumptious signature sandwich, these 10 delis in Michigan are serving up sandwiches made with fresh meat, fresh bread, and lots of love!   

1. Zingerman's Delicatessen, Ann Arbor, MI

It's impossible to talk deli in Michigan without talking Zingerman's, an Ann Arbor staple that has endorsements from Oprah—who said that on a scale of one to five, she'd give it an 11—and Atlantic Monthly, whose Corby Kummer called it the country's best source of artisan cheese. That's a lot of endorsements, and for a place that offers a sandwich like the Super Hero which boasts pepperoni, hot soppressata, red pepper, provolone and more, it's hard to see how the kudos aren't due.

2. Grand Central Market & Deli, Grand Rapids, MI

Grand Rapids is home to this delicatessen, which means to make its sandwiches bigger and more impressive than you'll find most anywhere else. Pictures of one such sandwich, larger than most anyone can grip save for those with the largest of hands, have emerged showing Grand Central Market and Deli's commitment to the big sandwich. Featuring such tastes as the Smokehouse—which features smoked turkey, bacon and mozzarella—this place won't just be big, it will also be unique.

3. Hoffman's Deco Deli and Café, Flint, MI

A Flint staple, Hoffman's Deco Deli and Café focuses on the basics. Fresh meats and veggies sliced daily, catering for all, 10 percent off for any Flint college student with ID and more are all part of the package here. Daily sandwich specials, though, are where things get creative and interesting. Try the 10th anniversary special of the local roller derby team, the Flint Roller Derby Knuckle Sandwich featuring turkey, bacon, sharp white cheddar, tropical rum glaze and horseradish mayo on a pretzel roll.

4. Ralph's Italian Deli, Ishpeming, MI

Think that great delis don't cross the bridge? Think again at Ishpeming's Ralph's Italian Deli. Home to not only some of the best pizza around, there's also an array of sandwiches and the like featuring an extremely rare Italian sausage known as cudighi. Cudighi is very difficult to find outside of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, reports note, so for a taste of something so rare you might not even get it in Italy, stop at Ralph's.

5. Sweet Basil Deli, Marquette, MI

Working to refute the idea that Upper Peninsula is another word for “has no deli” in the original Chippewa is Sweet Basil Deli, a Marquette landmark that offers salads, a complete string of sandwiches, and even a plate of desserts to round things out. Offering delivery service as well, Sweet Basil Deli will prove to be a great place for a fast lunch, even if it has to come to your location and feed several people in the process. 

6. Hygrade Deli, Detroit, MI

Detroit's “best kept secret,” as it's known, the Hygrade Deli does deli the old-fashioned way, with a particular focus on corned beef. Sliced thin and stacked high, the Hygrade not only boasts some impressive meal choices, it also offers a Hollywood connection. The deli in “Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice”? That's the Hygrade. So, if you want a great sandwich or to sit where the stars once did, then you'll want to check out this quietly impressive Detroit landmark.

7. Irving's Market and Deli, Kalamazoo, MI

At the Kalamazoo Mall in Kalamazoo sits Irving's Market and Deli, a simple and unassuming place that will be so stuffed with value you'll scarcely believe it. Naturally, it offers a full range of sandwiches like the Uber Reuben, a corned beef, pepper jack, banana pepper, onion, Dijon mustard and horseradish on a pretzel bun. But it will also go beyond that by offering up a slate of salads, desserts, and more that makes Irving's a complete all-in-one stop for those looking for most any hunger-solver.

8. Jose's Cuban Sandwich and Deli, Lansing, MI

Regarded by many as one of the leading delis in Lansing, Jose's Cuban Sandwich and Deli offers, as one would expect, offers the legendary Cuban sandwich. It goes beyond that, of course, to include salads and both sausage and pork platter options. Take this impressive and unique slate of options and add it together with the array of positive word from the community and Jose's stands in a class by itself in Lansing.

9. Intermission Deli, Bay City, MI

Considered the oldest deli in Bay City, Intermission Deli has an excellent combination of tasty treats and fine customer service to offer. For those who have ever been intimidated by the terminology at a deli—like just what is “Mortadella,” anyway? A kind of cheese? Or maybe an Italian war machine designed by Da Vinci? Turns out it's a spicy bologna. Intermission Deli even offers a “translation guide” of sorts to help walk diners through the options.

10. Folgarelli's, Traverse City, MI

Folgarelli's is considered the best delicatessen in Traverse City. Folgarelli's offers meats “from prosciutto to salami,” as the website puts it, and then proceeds to go immediately beyond that by offering a selection of wines and other food items. Then, grab a sandwich, like the Chimp Boy Gravel Pants, a roasted turkey, blue cheese, sun-dried tomato, Italian dressing and pesto wonder for the ages.

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