The 10 Best Gyms in Michigan!

It’s about that time: Where you’re finally going to invest in a gym so that you have the motivation to work out. Picking a gym isn’t an easy task, it’s a commitment to a place where you’re going to get fit and enjoy your time while doing so. Michigan is home to a variety of gyms, with a variety of amenities, all with the goal of helping you get (or stay!) in shape! Here are the 10 best.  

1. Family Fitness, Portage, MI

Portage's Family Fitness offers an impressive 35,000 square-feet of operations, and with that substantial square footage comes a lot of options for fitness in its patrons. Neither free weights nor treadmills and ellipticals will be stinted here, and as the name suggests, it's a good place to bring the kids and let them run off some pent-up energy. A private women-only area offers a little extra comfort, and a free 30-day pass allows you to try before signing up.

2. Fit For You Health Club, Traverse City, MI

Once again, Traverse City offers a fine entry for our list, giving us the Fit For You Health Club. Boasting cardio and strength training options, Fit For You has been declared Traverse City's best gym for 10 years running, a feat by most any standard. Throw in the free seven-day pass to give it a try before signing up and the reasons to get in on this one make themselves quite clear.

3. Curves, Multiple locations

While it's a chain gym that can be found in a huge number of locations in Michigan, it's hard to mention the best gyms around without bringing up Curves. A gym devoted to the advancement of women above all else—whether it's on the workout floor or behind the scenes—Curves is a powerhouse in the exercise field for a variety of reasons. Offering the standards in workout material, but also some corporate wellness and similar programs, the result is a start-to-finish workout experience for the ladies that shines above many others.

4. Joust Strength & Fitness, Ann Arbor, MI

Ann Arbor's Joust Strength and Fitness focuses on variety above pretty much everything else. It's got the standard material, of course, the weight training and the cardio, but it's also got a CrossFit edge to it as well as a variety of classes and daily exercises. Throw in the staff nutritionist to help patrons learn how to eat right along with their exercise and the result is a complete package that handles fitness in a holistic, start to finish fashion.

5. Old Town Gym, Bay City, Essexville, MI

The Old Town Gym has perhaps one important feature going for it above many of its competitors: It boasts two locations. You'll find an Old Town Gym in both Bay City and in Essexville, which is basically “Bay City East.” Once you get to either location, you'll have access to the fullest range of equipment, a week's free trial, and even childcare options to allow you to exercise with peace of mind, knowing that the children are safe.

6. Aerials Gym, Grand Rapids, MI

In Grand Rapids, there's something of a special gym afoot known as Aerials Gym. Aerials focuses mainly on gymnastics and gymnastics-related activities. A variety of courses are on hand from cheerleading to urban ninja tumbling and pretty much everything in between. There's plenty else in between, though, so be sure to check out Aerials.

7. Michigan Top Team, Dearborn, MI

Out in Dearborn, there's a gym that's a bit of a specialty shop. Where before, we saw a gym devoted to gymnastics and cheerleading, the Michigan Top Team gym has a bit more of a martial bent. Founded by Daron "The Detroit Superstar" Cruickshank, a professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter, in 2013, the gym he founded focuses on MMA training and coaching alongside general fitness, making it a versatile choice for anyone looking to buff up, strengthen up, or toughen up in general.

8. Pulse Fitness, Royal Oak, Detroit, MI

Winner of the “Best Gym” in the Detroit CityVoter rankings, Pulse Fitness goes big in just about every facet of gym operations. Between the array of cardio and strength training devices, and the personal trainers and attention individual guests receive, it's obvious that Pulse Fitness in Royal Oak (and two locations in Detroit) wants to help people improve physical fitness, and are offering just about everything under the sun to make it happen.

9. Six Degree Burn Fitness, Troy, MI

Head on out to Troy for an encounter with some hot, hot fitness at Six Degree Burn Fitness. Featuring not only kickboxing, but also indoor cycling and a slate of fitness classes including Yaw Yan martial arts and a set of corporate wellness programs, Six Degree Burn Fitness works to make fitness happen one way or another. The risk of getting bored with a setup like this seems fairly low, and that's good news for anyone who wants to keep active.

10. 4 Ever Fitness 24, Iron Mountain, MI

One of perhaps the best-kept secrets in Iron Mountain is the 4 Ever Fitness 24 location, a gym that kicks off with a quote from Edward Stanley, who noted "Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness." With a philosophy like that leading in, you can tell that the place clearly has an attitude that pushes success above all else, however the individual user defines success. That's a pretty good attitude, and when you couple that to the array of services and equipment the place has, that makes it a winner among winners.

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