The 10 Best Milkshakes in Michigan!

After a delicious meal, nothing clears the palate like a cold and creamy milkshake. Who doesn’t love a drinkable ice cream? These mixtures of milky goodness are among the most mouth-watering desserts—and are made with only the best ingredients in Michigan. This state knows full well the value of a cold, frosty drink, and here are the 10 best places to get one! 

1. Mercury Burger and Bar, Detroit, MI

Not only does Mercury serve up some great milkshakes, they also cater to the over-21 crowd. Known as the Hummer, this little beauty will take vanilla ice cream and add Kahlua and dark rum to make a thoroughly adult milkshake, but a thoroughly tasty one as well. Throw in the "virgin" shakes—much more standard offerings like chocolate and strawberry—as well as Detroit's own Boston Cooler and you'll have a range of milkshakes that works for the whole family.

2. Ice Cream Garage, Grand Rapids, MI

Clearly set up with the younger crowd in mind, Grand Rapids' Ice Cream Garage features a massive mural of kid-favorite cartoon characters from Shrek to Charlie Brown. With ice cream flavors ranging from black cherry to peanut butter cup and most everything in between, and the shake sizes coming your way in the downright substantial, the Ice Cream Garage will be a great place to hit when you're a quart low on milkshake.

3. B Spot Burgers, Royal Oak, MI

Head to Royal Oak for B Spot Burgers, a burger joint that will offer some really impressive milkshake options. From the mild vanilla bean to the wild like apple pie and chocolate banana marshmallow—not to mention one that features bacon—B Spot Burgers will deliver in a big way. Oh, and for the over-21 crowd, you'll have the option to toss in a little alcohol for a few dollars more, ensuring the widest possible variety in milkshake options.

4. Captain Sundae, Holland, MI

With three locations in and around Holland, Captain Sundae not only offers milkshakes, but also miniature golf at one location. Throw in a wide variety of flavors from cappuccino chocolate chip to toasted coconut, and a bit of celebrity endorsement as President George W. Bush once visited—and had the Tommy Turtle—and you'll have the makings of some of Michigan's best milkshake material.

5. Don's Drive-In, Traverse City, MI

Traverse City manages to weigh in with a shot at milkshake glory with Don's Drive-In, a drive-in restaurant of the old-fashioned variety renowned for its burgers and of course its milkshakes. Admittedly, the selection is limited, but when you have "real fruit milkshakes" on the menu, well, that does have a tendency to kick things up a notch. 

6. Let's Swirl, Kalamazoo, MI

Kalamazoo's Let's Swirl offers a novel proposition for those looking for milkshake glory. Start with the fact that we're dealing in frozen yogurt—and thus an option quite a bit better for you than ice cream in its purest form—but that's not all we're working with. We're working with over 40 flavors total, so the combination of huge variety and more responsible treat comes together nicely to make an experience few can match.

7. Cool Mama's Ice Cream, Battle Creek, MI

Part store, part food truck, Cool Mama's Ice Cream in Battle Creek offers the full range of ice cream treats. The milkshakes, of course, are one of the leading draws at this shop, but most everything else is available either there or at a series of stops. With ice cream ranging from Breyers to Prairie Farms and beyond on hand, Cool Mama's Ice Cream will be able to deliver all the cold treats anyone could ask for.

8. Great Lakes Ice Cream Company, Midland, MI

In Midland, the Great Lakes Ice Cream Company represents an excellent alternative in milkshakes. While the range of flavors only goes so far, it's the base of these milkshakes that's noteworthy. Great Lakes Ice Cream Company makes all its own ice cream, in small batches completely on site. Thus, anything that's enjoyed at Great Lakes Ice Cream is a top-shelf experience that probably won't be enjoyed the same way twice.

9. Ruth Ann's Ice Cream, Muskegon, MI

Muskegon's Ruth Ann's Ice Cream offers ice cream not only at its store location, but also as part of a catering project. With not only Ashby's Sterling ice cream on hand, but also a proprietary soft serve blend on hand as well, there's a lot of variety afoot. Throw in a range of toppings from hot fudge to caramel fudge to Oreo cookie crumbles and beyond, you'll be able to get some pretty exciting milkshakes out here.

10. BurgerFi, Northville, MI

Ann Arbor staple BurgerFi offers plenty of noteworthy sandwiches, but it's the milkshakes that are particularly exciting. Not only are there some really amazing flavors here like caramel banana churro, the red velvet and more, but BurgerFi will even manage to make its milkshakes an expression of good. One dollar of every milkshake purchase goes to the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, which delivers research on a variety of fatal diseases for sick kids. So for anyone who's ever wanted to make a milkshake into a rationally-justifiable experience, BurgerFi will deliver.

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