The 6 Best Places for Paint & Wine in Michigan!

While there's no shortage of places to enjoy wine and art together in the same place, a comparatively new notion is the “paint and wine” concept. Known by several different names including “paint and pour” and “paint and sip,” the combination of making art and having wine is coming together rapidly. Michigan hasn't fallen behind on this concept, and offers several venues for enjoying wine and art together. Remember, as Mark Twain once said: “Write drunk, edit sober,” a quote that can comfortably apply to making any art. Oh, and don't forget—make art responsibly! 

Wine & Canvas, Portage, MI

The good news about Wine & Canvas is that it has a tendency to travel. Located primarily in Kalamazoo, Wine & Canvas will go throughout a fairly large swath of Kalamazoo and its immediate suburb, Portage, reaching several different restaurants and bars in the area. While at such an event, patrons will be able to enjoy the combination of painting and wine in a variety of settings.

Tipsy Ypsi - Paint and Pour, Ann Arbor, MI

Paint and Pour in Ann Arbor—it's also recently expanded into several locations in and around Detroit—offers an unusual experience in the market. Not only does it have brick-and-mortar operations for visitors to patronize, but it also spreads throughout the field, going to different bars and restaurants like the previous two entrants did. This versatility allows potential visitors to either go to Paint and Pour or let it come to them, offering maximum value.

Wet Paint and Palette, Kalamazoo, MI

Wet Paint and Palette is a comparative newcomer to Kalamazoo, opened about a year and a half ago in the former Cupcake Zoo facility. Visitors get access to the standard wine and painting options, along with soft drink and painting options or painting options where there's no drinking of any kind. Geared toward being a place where adults can relax and converse—there are also sessions for younger people and for private parties—Wet Paint and Palette seeks to bring more art into users' lives in general.

Painting with a Twist, Multiple locations

Part of a larger chain of operations located not only throughout Michigan but also the United States, Painting with a Twist offers the painting course mixed with wine that many other organizations are offering. There's a twist here, though, much as the name implies: Some special events are on hand, like an event that saw a portion of each seat sold given to the Children's Miracle Network, thus allowing users to not only enjoy creating art with a side of alcohol, but also to engage in charitable giving.

Sip and Dab, Traverse City, MI

Yes of course Traverse City has a wine and paint option. Did you really expect this art and culinary-centered city to not have one? Traverse City's answer to the wine and paint movement is Sip and Dab, a three-hour course that features scheduling at a variety of venues, and by the time it's finished, visitors will not only have had a great artistic experience backed up by local artists, but will also be able to take said painting home to exhibit.

Paint Nite, Multiple locations

A more mobile alternative in wine and paint experiences, Paint Nite has branches in Lansing, Battle Creek and several other locations. A strictly over-21 affair, a Paint Nite event takes advantage of local bars and restaurants, as many others do, to provide the venue of painting and alcohol that as a standard goes into a wine and paint night. Here, however, visitors won't be allowed to bring their own alcohol or favorite snacks, as these take place within established venues.

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