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Avalanche Bay Indoor Waterpark

One Boyne Mountain Road

Are you looking for an aquatic adventure? Well Avalanche Bay Indoor Waterpark is the place for you and your family vacation! At 88,000 square feet, Avalanche Bay is Michigan's BIGGEST indoor water park featuring slides, rides, kids pools, climbing walls, lazy river, and even a surf simulator. There is fun adventure for everyone at Avalanche Bay.  WHERE ADVENTURE LIVES!


James Hembrook

Sunday, May 6, 2018
This is an awesome indoor water park! We had a blast there is a lot of fun to check out. It was extremely warm for being a cold winter weekend. All in all it was pretty clean the staff was super probably. They even have a great arcade for the little ones. However be careful on the surfing wave to have the little kids on there. They can be a little dangerous my daughter got hurt however the staff was extremely helpful and she was back to herself shortly.

Kristi Owens

Friday, March 30, 2018
We've had a great experience here. The place has been tidy and the staff friendly. The hotel is completely booked but it does not seem as chaotic as other waterpark hotels we've been to. Even the check in process seemed pretty efficient. The breakfast buffet at Everett's was great! We like that the water park has enough activities that are age appropriate to keep our two toddlers entertained.

Jessie Brown

Monday, April 16, 2018
My family loves going here and there's so much to do including an arcade! There's two big huge water slides that you can go on and one that you climb inside of standing up with no tube. As you're standing there waiting on the girl that is operating it, you have to wait and then as soon as she pushes the button eye drops you through the floor and you go down through the tube on the outside of the building and back inside and down into the bottom where the rest of the fun Is!! They have two hot tubs and a big pool where you can play basketball while swimming. They also have a water slide that you actually can race your friend down! It's actually set on a timer and then when you guys get to the end it announces who the winner is! The girls bathroom is huge and I'm sure the men's room is also. There's also a pool where you can get on a surfboard and surf on your stomach or your feet whichever! However you can get on the board anyways. What is two areas for kids, there's a kitty pool next to a hot tub and there is a big huge area for the small and the big kids to have fun on which also has water slides! The kids can dump water on your head if you're not careful I'm not paying attention, because that's something fun for the kids to do and laugh at you while they dump water on your head... lol

Arron Neeley

Thursday, May 3, 2018
This place touts as being the largest water park in Michigan. I feel this is not true as Zhenders in Frankenmuth is larger. Avalanche Bay is very dated and was not very fun. The water was a little colder than most water parks we have been to. They also had a very strict rule for their lazy river where you have to be in an inner tube. 5his is the only place that we have been to with this rule. We will not be coming back to this park.

Jessica Shier

Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2018
This is a fantastic indoor water park for families to enjoy. The slides are a blast for kids and adults alike. Enough thrill for an adrenaline junkie, enough variety for those who like to float or soak. Your kids will have a blast. It has the typical amusement park mark-ups. Not a cheap day out for a family, but a great time none the less.

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