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Battle Creek Field Of Flight Air Show And Balloon Festival

3140 5th Avenue


Stacey B

Thursday, July 12, 2018
Went here for the first time in a long time last week. The carnival was awesome. So many rides for small kids which was amazing and my children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. However, I do feel that $25 is more than a bit steep for fair rides especially after you’ve had to pay to enter the grounds and to park. We also came later in the evening so it would be a bit cooler. We arrived around 1900 so there was only a few hours left to ride. I’ve seen other fairs offer a small discount after a certain time when there is only so many hours left to ride which might be something they could consider in the future. I had one small issue when an attendant claimed my daughter was too short for the ride even though she was clearly tall enough but another helpful attendant ushered me to the information desk where he told me if there’s ever an issue again just to come to the desk as they are required to properly measure your child, write their height on the wrist band and initial it. After that we were all set and everyone was very helpful and personable. We watched the balloons come in and land and the stayed for the Balloon Illume, which was merely them turning the flames on for the balloons at night. They also had golf carts ushering people to their cars which was an excellent and appreciated feature. We returned a second night to see the fireworks and just paid the parking fee ($5) and then watched from the back of our truck and they were very beautiful . If I’m ever in town again at this time I would definitely return.

Sarah Markus

Sunday, July 1, 2018
This was my first air show and I thought it was a great show! I appreciated that the announcers kept reminding those in attendance to keep hydrated as it was well over 100 degrees with the heat index.

Nathan Crosby

Thursday, July 5, 2018
Started going here when I was a teen some twenty years ago... what a air show they had, The aircraft display was spectacular, the air show itself was to die for, the 30-40 balloons that took flight from the actual field was amazing.... the grucci fire works display was world class.....BUT, I guess Good things never last.. my family and I quit going due to the lacking of all the above.. Went back for the first time in 10+ years this year (2018)with my wife and child whom never been to a show. what a disappointment. Its totally turned into a fair with a few planes to watch, if you like airshows and planes spare yourself and go somewhere else. If you like fair rides and concessions you should go. The air show its self: I mean no disrespect to the pilots and performers that we seen, they were all very professional and put on a good show. My complaint is just the lacking of planes. The air show recruiter needs to do more recruiting, more jets are needed, there was only 3....f-18, A-10 and a mig. Maybe a couple of biplanes would be good. When did they stop the static display? What a disappointment, it was always fun to see the planes up close. They don't need a VIP area either.. or atleast put a tent up that's not so tall so people can see the low fly passes.. or relocate to the other end of field, and I'm a person that would buy VIP if available, but seen no advantages to it being there except the shade of the tent. Hot air balloons? We got to see eight ballons fly in out of the 40 they had listed on their web site. Where were the rest? Kellogs balloon wasn't even there, but the post balloon was... Fireworks: They were ok. Same as you would see at any mid size city.. they bragged about it being in sync with music but no... they just played music while the fireworks went off. I will give compliments to the grounds crew, there was no trash anywhere, very clean at the airshows spectator's area.

Mike Prince

Thursday, July 5, 2018
Amazing airshow fun for the whole family

Rachel Hedin

Thursday, July 26, 2018
A great family place

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