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Edru Skate

1891 North Cedar Street

Play and skate to your favorite children's music. Parents may walk on the skating surface and also push strollers. Push toys or ride-on toys welcome. No toys with pedals please. Also, enjoyour mini skating lesson!


Tom Barthel

Saturday, March 10, 2018
I have so much fun here, for Sunday night adult skate. I skated as a kid and recently rediscovered the amazing amount of joy it brings. I'm NOT a fan of kids and love that there is an adults-only time for rhythm skate dancing and old-school jams. I look forward to it all week long!

Joel Kilgore

Saturday, July 7, 2018
There's fights every weekend! This place use to be an awesome place for children when the old man owned it but times have changed. HOLT IS THE NEW LANSING!!!!! SAD BUT TRUE!!!!!

Jeff Myrom

Sunday, Jan. 28, 2018
Great place for birthday parties! The kids get pizza, popcorn, ice cream and drinks. Plus skate rental, laser tag, tickets and time with Roller Roo. Customer service was excellent, we got a few free passes for future skate sessions and the boys got plenty of exercise. They even let us bring in some food and worked with us on treats for dairy and gluten free needs. 3 hours went by in a flash! Definitely recommend. On a separate note, the skate lessons are a great value and their instructors are super kid friendly. In just a few weeks our kids were skating like champs.

Autumn Karn

Saturday, May 19, 2018
We took our kids last night and it was a mess. I guess I should have guessed from the police standing guard out front and Metal detector at the door. Just after the kids got their skates on, a group of people started fighting right next to us. Five or six people punching each other! Staff and cops run in to brake it up, people yelling and crying. My kids were upset and so was I. It was taken care of so we stayed, things were ok, but not great. Then at the end of the night, it started again! More fighting and crazy people. We will never go back there 😡 too many teens with out parents to watch them.

Jason R

Thursday, April 12, 2018
Took the kids there last week. We all enjoyed it. Staff was very pleasant. We will be returning soon.

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