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Horseshoe Falls & Gift Shop

602 Bell Avenue

This beautiful Upper Michigan Waterfall is privately managed with the utmost care. Enjoy our gardens, picnic area, gift shop, and amazing Trout Pond, where you can feed the fish!

Shown to the right is a close-up of the tranquil Horseshoe Falls.

Falls Facts:
 - Water Temperature is at a constant 40 degrees all year.
 - The Horseshoe Falls never freeze solid.
 - 1 Million Gallons of water per day flow over the top of the falls.
 - Water source for this waterfall is underground springs - fed by Lake Superior.


Kari Swan

Friday, June 15, 2018
Very cool gift shop, maybe my favorite in the area! Interesting jewelry and plenty of eye candy for rock hounds. There is a fee to see the waterfall which was a surprise to me at first because its nature but it is totally worth it, it's a nice path upstream to the falls and they are gorgeous. The kids really enjoyed feeding the trout at the trout pond and doing the scavenger hunt for Gnomes. The kids also got a reward for finding the Gnomes and it was a cool little thing they got to pick out not just something lame.

Mark Willert

Sunday, July 8, 2018
A wonderful place to buy T-shirts, hats, wide selection of coffee mugs, knick knacks, ice cream and many other types of things you'd find in a gift store. Easy to get to but tucked back in a neighborhood right where the Falls is. You have to pay $8 to see The Falls which we did not. But the gift store provided us the opportunity to pick up some things we needed for friends and family. This quaint little shop was well-organized and had quality merchandise. The owner was friendly and helpful. We visited a few times. We went back the second time because they had the best selection out of all the places we stopped.

Sharon Haas

Monday, July 2, 2018
Enjoyed this stop because we got to look for gnomes! My grandson had a great time. He even found one with his name, so he took a picture of it. It's a short walk on even pathways. My husband said it was worth the $20. My grandson got to pick a prize from the treasure chest since he looked for the gnomes.

Mary Avery

Sunday, July 8, 2018
Beautiful falls but then there were many beautiful falls in the area, that I wondered why we paid $7 a piece to see these. The path was decorated with gnomes and there was hunt to find them. The path was maintained. The staff at the gift shop acted tired and extremely bored.

Tyler Madock

Friday, June 1, 2018
Shop owner was very rude. Plus she lives in the gift shop! Want kind of person lives in a gift shop! $8 per person is way overpriced to see a waterfall that is part of nature and should be free to visit, also there should be more clear signs stating that the land is privatelyerly owned and is not open to the public when the gift shop is closed. I visited the falls after closing and was confronted by the owner who threatens to call the police on top of charging us more the the usual price of admission. ALSO, There are a bunch of stupid and creepy looking gnomes around the property along with a lot of other signs and features that RUIN natural beauty of the falls. There are much better falls that you can visit for free.

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