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The Superior Dome has been home to the Wildcat football team since its construction in 1991 and is now also home to the Wildcat soccer team and the Wildcat track teams. The Dome stands 14 stories high and encompasses 5.1 acres under its roof. Constructed of 781 Douglas Fir beams and 108.5 miles of fir decking, the Dome has a permanent seating capacity of 8,000, although the building can hold as many as 16,000 people.

In the "Book of World Records - 2010," the Superior Dome is listed as the fifth-largest dome structure in the world (largest being measured by diameter). The four other structures that are larger are made of steel, making it the largest wooden dome structure.The facility has a diameter of 536 feet. It has the ability to withstand 60 pounds per square foot of snow and 80 mile per hour winds.

The Dome's features include a retractable artificial turf carpet, the largest of its kind in the world. When extended, the turf has the ability to accommodate football, soccer (120 x 72 ft. field) and field hockey. Underneath the carpet is a synthetic playing surface that features three basketball/volleyball courts, two tennis courts and a 200-meter track. Three concession areas provide service to all events.

Twelve computerized winches extend the carpet over a cushion of air. It takes 30 minutes to retract the artificial turf carpet and approximately two hours for full set up to be completed.

The Superior Dome is also home of the NMU Olympic Training Site offices, as well as special training areas for the NMU-OTS boxing, weightlifting and wrestling teams.


Cody Hough

Monday, July 16, 2018
I attended Northern Michigan University so I saw the Superior Dome most days and because of this tend to forget just how amazing it is. If you're looking for a little bit of UP history make sure to check it out as it has a great bit of information in the corridors as well as some ecological mounts that make for a great visit.

Pedals and Plants

Sunday, April 29, 2018
Super cool Dome! Some people call it the “Yooper Dome”. It is located on Northern Michigan University’s campus and was built in 1991. The dome is 143 feet tall, has a diameter of 536 feet, covers an area of 5.1 acres. It is a geodesic dome constructed with 781 Douglas Fir beams and 108.5 miles of fir decking. The dome is designed to support snow up to 60 pounds per square foot and withstand 80-mile-per-hour winds. It has a permanent seating capacity of 8,000, though the building can hold as many as 16,000 people. The 2010 edition of Guinness World Records listed it as the fifth-largest dome and largest wooden dome in the world. -Nicholas K. (Tallahassee FL)

Chris Schmidt

Sunday, July 8, 2018
What I need treasure All Wood Construction beautiful on the inside awesome place to exercise one of those can't miss spots to visit when in the area

Markus Jean Cook

Wednesday, May 9, 2018
I enjoy its general shape, is open to the public, and is a vital event center. Made of wood. Pretty neat.

Susan Cristan

Wednesday, May 16, 2018
This is such a beautiful sports venue. Went there for my grandsons football game. Bathrooms were super clean.

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