The Avenue Cafe

2021 East Michigan Avenue

Located front and center on Lansing's fabulous East Side, the Avenue Cafe stands like a beacon of truth and justice for the masses, keeping its finger firmly placed on the pulse of the community, yet too inebriated to remember the beats per minute. Wanna come see some awesome musical performances by local and national acts alike? We've got ya covered. How about imbibe some strong cocktails or delicious craft beers? Oh yeah, we've got plenty. Feeling weak? Well, get some food in you, ya silly goose. And no better place to do that than Nomad Kitchen, serving some irresponsibly tasty burgers, incredible house-made vegan patties, and fries so good that even the Queen of England has personally endorsed them on her Twitter feed, one would assume.

So come on out and tie one on with friends old and new. Play all the pinball, pool, or Ms. Pac-Man your heart desires. Let our lovely staff of adorable miscreants fill your face with delectable potations and vittles. Take in all the crazy-good live music your little ears can handle. Eat. Drink. Be Merry.


Caroline López-Martinez

Friday, July 14, 2017

Pool, pin-ball, drinks/food and live music! You can catch some great local bands from around at this venue. Staff is friendly. Good drink specials too!

Joni Mire

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

great food... rotating pop up style kitchens... great people... unique drinks created in house off the top of the bartenders head ;) ask for a blueberry lemonade or green tea shot sometime!

Local person

Saturday, Feb. 4, 2017

I've been a patron I've the Avenue Cafe since it opened as Gone Wired and was a coffee shop and an awesome study place for us students. Really love the evolution of the business over the years and glad that the hard years of figuring it out resulted in a really cool music spot with awesome staff, patrons, and food. I'm looking at the reviews though and seeing several by folks commenting on the guy that works there. Im a fairly observant person. I've never really seen him do much outside of sit quietly at the bar when not working and go smoke once in awhile. I don't believe I've seen him drink either. I would think that the best course of action one could take when you feel as though you've been harassed by an employee would be to go the management or owner. Both are extremely accessible. The fact that several negative reviews about the same incident leads me to believe this is a personal attack. The point of a complaint or review is to receive some sort of resolution, which it's pretty clear they aren't looking for. The best thing now is for these folks to simply take their business elsewhere to the relief of literally everyone I'm sure. I love this place and have never ever had an issue. If I wait for a drink it's for a damn good reason. It's BUSY! Otherwise a drink is pretty much set in front of me by the time I get my jacket off and situated in the bar stool.

Chris Muschong

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Nice wide open space. Lots of cool, interesting people inside. Unpretentious. Staff has personality and is very helpful. Great ramen too!

Kayleigh Saum

Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2017

A lot of the older reviews are no longer relevant. And keep in mind that the food that's available from the kitchen rotates occasionally. The staff here are great people and I love that the Avenue always has plenty of live music and various events. From benefits to art shows to live music, this is my favorite bar AND favorite venue in Lansing. Every city needs a place like this.