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We live in a highly developed nation, with very specialized jobs, packed schedules and to-do lists that rival the roll in the bathroom. It is the beginning of the 21st century and we have never been more divorced from the planet that gives us life. I've developed these programs to address a screaming need for us all to get our hands dirty, our feet wet and breathe the musky aroma of earth back into our lungs. Put down that cell phone, go off-line, get out of the race...come outside and play.


Ryan Engemann

Friday, July 20, 2018
Excellent guide with 30 + years of experience. Best food of any trip and great accommodations.

Suzi Beaumont

Friday, Jan. 22, 2016
We traveled to the Traverse City area from Georgia specifically to paddle with Michael Gray of Uncommon Adventures. Full disclosure: I do web design for Michael. That doesn't change the fact that Uncommon Adventures kayaking trips are fantastic. The logistics are wired, the equipment is top notch, and the food is amazing! We loved the great Lakes region in the summer, and the Beaver Island Archipelago is beautiful. Next trip: Isle Royale!

Jeff Potter

Wednesday, April 23, 2014
I went on a UA "Water-to-Wine Day Tour" kayak outing and it was a wonderful way to experience paddling, the gorgeous Bay waters, the Old Mission Peninsula, wineries, and Traverse City. Our small group had a blue-sky day of paddling out to a natural island where Michael prepared an amazing beachside lunch with just the things we brought with us. We pretty much had the place to ourselves. Our group varied in skill and some of us were part of a skills course Michael taught the day before. Michael picked boats from his fleet to fit each of us and our group paddled together well. After the outing we visited a nearby winery (with a red wine that really impressed me) then we headed back into town to Left Foot Charley's, an urban winery in an amazing location. When it was all over we had plenty of time to get ready and do our own thing for the evening.

Steven King

Friday, April 15, 2016

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