Subway Restaurants

1223 Phoenix St, South Haven, MI 49090, USA
(269) 637-4004


Tammy Smith

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

I went to this location today and ordered a sandwich. After she put the meat on the bread and toasted it for me, she proceeds to tell me that they were out of lettuce. When I asked her how you run out of lettuce, She told me that when the truck gets there today They will have lettuce. They doesn't help my immediate situation. And hello! Your store is located inside Meijer. You can see the lettuce display from your counter. Why didn't someone buy lettuce from Meijer to get you through? Also, your website says that you are located inside the Meijer gas station. This is not true.

Rob Dert

Monday, May 7, 2018

Warning do not go to spith haven subway in meijers. The manager/owner alows sick works to continue to work. And the workers go to work being sick. I went there last saturday the lady had a cough long story short I got sick. They think washing there hands and gloves stops the spread of sickness. No once amd employee coighs and is in the store around the food everything is contaminated!!!!! Let alone I went there last year aeoumd the same time and also got sick. They only work 1 person at a time. Ive besn sick for 3 days now!!! Warning!! Do not eat here!!!

Brandon Durand

Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2018

The absolute slowest subway ever. Two employees working, one watching the other one struggle to turn out about a sandwich every 15 minuts

Kyrstie Burrows

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I have never had such terrible customer service. I receive the coupons that are distributed through text message, which I have used at this location before. I attempted to use the BOGO sub coupon, which my sister had used at this location the day before. I assumed, since the coupon had not yet expired, that I would be able to use it. I still had two days left before it expired. First off, I stood there, waiting for someone to service me while the two employees stood at the cash register and chatted about a money problem for nearly three minutes. I was not greeted by either of them. One of them was new, maybe his first day so my sub's were made slowly. Which is alright, I can understand that, he was learning. The problem was, was that the manager walked away and the young man had to ask me how many scoops of crab normally go on a sub! Then, when I asked for pickles on the side, he asked where he needed to put them and I had to explain that there should be little cups that he could use to put them in. Finally, my sub's were ready to be bought. I showed him my coupon, but he couldn't find it in the system. His manager had finally reappeared, in the eating area and he called her over. She stood on MY side of the counter and asked what he needed instead of going around to help him. He explained that I had a coupon that I wanted to use and that my sister used it yesterday but he could not find it. The manager then moved to his side of the counter, peered at the screen then snorted and said that it wasn't in the system. I asked if they would still honor it and she said "if it ain't in the system, we don't honor it. The boss decides what we do and don't honor and today, we aren't doing that coupon". She then walked away without further help. So, I had to pay full price for subs that I only got because I had a coupon. I normally don't go to Subway so it was a rare thing. And after that ordeal, I will never go to this Subway again. Rude managers and terrible service.

Jason Pallas

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Rude staff...