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Double JJ Ranch & Golf Resort

The resort continues its’ growth to this day, drawing guests from all over the world. Keeping the Western culture and heritage in place with an emphasis on treating guests to warm, friendly, family-like experience has given the resort the distinction of being the biggest western style dude ranch east of the Mississippi…and America’s Friendliest.


Ted Valley

Sunday, July 8, 2018
The grounds are well organized and very well maintained! Staff is friendly, and there is a lot to do here. The outdoor pools by the back 40 are my favorite! They have so many options for relaxation or for actual activities, it just depends on what you're feeling that day. They also have a golf course and horseback rides. I would definitely recommend Double JJ to just about anyone!

Joy May

Monday, July 2, 2018
We were with a group; the water park was lots of fun, and the shower were great. They offered a buffet for $12 so we bought 3, had to wait for chicken nuggets and they ran out of lemonade. The cashier said to ask the kitchen, the kitchen said to ask the bartender, the bartender said it's TOTALLY the kitchen the kitchen said the same and sent me back to the bartender when she proceeded to tell me, "Then you'll have to wait awhile". I waited in disbelief for 5 full minutes then walked to the front check-in desk. It was then explained to me that the manger had left to purchase more supplies (?) and it would be a bit of a wait. After another 10 minutes, I threw my remaining "buffet food" away and left never having gotten a drink at all. Too bad. The water park was lots of fun though!

Nicole VanDyke

Friday, July 6, 2018
Attended a wedding here and was part of the wedding planning. They really dropped the ball on a lot of the things they were expected and paid to do. Was not impressed with the follow up, they did almost nothing to resolve the issues. A guest choked on their overcooked food, one of the sides the bride ordered was wrong, the roof next to the reception room, above all the food started leaking because it was raining out. Signs were not put out to direct guests....just a mess. I wouldn’t recommend this place. Overpriced and non accommodating and bad management.

Katie S

Friday, April 13, 2018
Tons of activities available, staff is really nice. The water park was nice. Everything is older and outdated but they take pretty good care of what they have. My room was old and the walls were paper thin but it was clean and well stocked. I give it 3 stars because it really needs to be updated. I do really recommend bringing family here because of the wonderful staff and all the great activities they offer for us Midwesterners who are stuck inside with the cold weather most of the year. I will go back!

Ashley Morris

Monday, April 30, 2018
Fun for the kids but.... I've never been there before. They don't ask if you to need a life jacket so by the time I paid and got back in line they were gone. Then at the food court they didn't tell us that it would take over an hour for our food. We had crying wet cold hungry kids. We didn't know we could order our food and go back to the swim area. Then they mixed up our food. It was a horrible experience. Won't go there ever again.

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