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St. John's Applefest

St. John's Applefest
600 North Adelaide Street

History of the Applefest

Applefest is an offshoot of what was originally called St. John's Barbecue, which was held annually in August during the 40s and 50s when the Rev. Fr. Dennis Patrick Tighe, an Irish priest, direct from the old sod, was pastor of the parish  Sides of beef were barbecued outside over an open pit.

Wanting to start a church fundraiser, St. John Parish Life Commission members decided to revive the festival. For the first several years it was called St. John Festival and parshioners provided all types of ethnic food. This became so popular and the food couldn't be provided for the demand. Because of the abundance of area apple orchards, it was decided to add an  apple theme to the event. Regular dinners were also added to the food fare.

Applefest is more than a festival-- it is a happening!

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