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The Robot Garage

The Robot Garage
637 South Eton Street

About Us:

The Robot Garage opened June 1, 2011 to provide a year-round PLACE for LEGO® and robotic enthusiasts of all ages. Working closely with leaders from the robotics and education community, The Robot Garage aims to provide hands-on experiences that are as entertaining as they are educational. We have high expectations for ourselves, and great expectations for the people who participate here. We believe that by providing a place to IMAGINE DESIGN and BUILD, there is no telling who from our own communities will carry the brightest torches into the 21st Century.
Our new home is in the process of being renovated into a fun and safe learning environment. Designed by Koko Architecture + Design of New York City, our new converted warehouse will offer spacious light-filled studios that will be home to:
The Robot Garage Masters Program
and more...

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