Fresh Coast Film Festival At Masonic Building

Sunday, Oct 21, 2018 at 10:00am

100 Block of Washington Street

Events At Masonic Building #1:

10:00am Fun for All!

The Arrowhead Traverse
Walking Around
Dream Big
Dragging 235 lbs Uphill Both Ways
Winter the Grommet
Mike And Lilliana Libecki: An Education: A Father/Daughter Trip of Discovery
My Mom Vala

12:00pm Escape

The Boardman Review: Bike Leelanau
A Way Forward
DreamRide 3
Building a Sense of Place
RJ Ripper
Start the Cycle Mountain Biking Program

2:00pm On the Fly

On the Fly: The Northern Angler
A Steelhead Quest: Portrait of a Rivered Life

Events At Masonic Building #2:
10:00am Endless Summer

On Days Like This We Must Surf
In Perpetual Motion
Surfer Dan by Merrell
Surf Anywhere
Flat Water
Wild Coast
Serendipitous: the Story of Sleeping Bear Surf & Kayak
Bloom Lagoon

12:00pm Legacy

The Wild President
Alice's Garden
The Seed Vault: Preserving Crop Diversity Forever
A Fence and an Owner
Poco a Poco

2:00pm To Friends

(unofficial) History of the National Parks
Dale on the Trail - Start to Finish
The Coffin Club
The Big Five Dive
To Friends

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