Pecha Kucha: An Evening of Creative Sharing

Tuesday, Apr 14, 2020 at 7:00pm

1517 Bayliss Street

Pecha Kucha (Japanese for the sound of conversation), is where people gather to present their creative endeavors in a welcoming environment to an inquisitive and receptive audience. Shared work could be photography, poetry, theatre, songs, dance, music, paintings, film?anything goes as long as it is suitable for all audiences. Each person will have 9 minutes on the stage. Feel free to attend whether or not you present. Let us know what your needs are when you register. Facilitator and native of Ireland Deirdra Crean is a singer, artist, healing art of clown healer, and teacher of Alexander Technique. She has a deep love and interest in improvisation and the collaboration of different mediums.

Preregistration is required to present and to attend. 7:00 ? 9:00 pm / Free /? Tues, April 14

Give us a call at 989-837-1885 to register!